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Salvatore Frega, italian pianist and composer of contemporary and experimental music, was born in Cosenza on 29 September 1989.

As pianist he participates in numerous national and European competitions including the competitions Città di Firmo, Altomonte, Taranto, positioning itself always among the first places. Participated as a guest of honor, in the year 2004/2005, at the Palazzo Galeotta in Taranto. He attended Masters and Advanced Courses with M. Aldo Ciccolini and M. Cristiano Burato. He graduated in piano at the Conservatory “Stanislao Giacomantonio” of Cosenza under the guidance of M. Grazia Amato.

He studied composition at the same Conservatory under the guidance of M. Pasquale De Rosa. He follows Courses and Master’s Degree with M. Evgeni Zoudilkine (Director of the University of Aveiro), a Master of Armenian Music with M. Julian Mirian (European University of Cyprus) on Xenakis, and still a Master of Composition for Film Music held by M. Enrico Fabio Cortese, who wanted his collaborator for Sky – Rai productions.

He followed a Master of High Specialization with the composer M. Andrea Portera (Teacher of the composition class of the School of Music of Fiesole); The relationship of depth and mutual respect has been attributed to the DMC (Contemporary Music Department) of the Fiesole Music School.

Effective student of the National Academy of Santa Cecilia in Rome.
He studied composition with Maestri Andrea Portera, Ivan Fedele, Salvatore Sciarrino, Giacomo Manzoni.

Winner of the Absolute First Prize of the “Antonio Vivaldi” European Competition of the City of Taranto, winner of the Absolute First Prize of the European Composition Competition “G.B. PERGOLESI Città di Taranto”, finalist of the “Rosolino Toscano” National Composition Competition in Pescara and winner of the “Veretti” Composition Competition of the Fiesole School of Music.

I have been awarded by musicians and composers such as Vinko Globokar, Fabio Nieder and Larisa Vrhunc, Francesco Longo, Fabrizio Festa, Fabio Vacchi, Andrea Lucchesini, Mario Ancillotti and others.

His song “Small Hops” received the commendation of best composition at the International Composition Competition “3rd INTERNATIONAL BIENNIAL OF CONTEMPORARY MUSIC IN KOPER (Slovenia)”; Small Hops was performed by the “SLOWIND” quintet and by the pianist Tatjana Jercog, directed by M. Steven Loy, broadcast by TV Capodistria and Radio Capodistria.

International Festival of Koper – SLO, Festival Kreuzberg – Kiezkultur – Berlin, Polo Solidale – Cittanova, Teatro Sibaris – Castrovillari, Music School of Fiesole – Fiesole, Festival of Contemporary Music “Vasari” – Serra Events Ca ‘De Frati – Arezzo, Festival of Contemporary Music “Cluster Association” – Lucca, Apollo Theater – Crotone, Auditorium “Santa Apollonia” – Florence, Dominican Convent – Firmo, Municipal Theater Pietro Aretino – Arezzo, Season “Great Appointments of Music – Arezzo, Norges Musikkhøgskole – Oslo , Teatro A. Rendano – Cosenza, “Reflected Sounds” Season – New Counterpoint Ensemble – Florence, Contempoartensemble Season – Marino Marini Museum – Florence, Sanremo Symphony Orchestra Foundation – Gran Casinò Theater – Sanremo, Venice Biennale, Orchestra Piccoli Pomeriggi Musicali Foundation di Milano – San Carlino Theater Season, Brescia – Santo Stefano a Ponte, Florence.

He collaborates with international artists such as: M. Ivan Fedele (Composer, Artistic Director of the Venice Biennale of Music) M. Enrico Fabio Cortese for the production of film music; M. Andrea Portera (Composer), M. Vito Palumbo (Composer), M. Girolamo Deraco (Composer), M. Peter Eötvös (Composer). Conductors: M. Steven Loy, M. Andrea Vitello, M. Simone Ori, M. Pasquale Menchise, M. Henry Cheng, the Pianist Composer and Conductor M. Francesco Libetta, the Double Bassist M. Emiliano Macrini, the pianist M. Gerd Rosinsky and the Clarinetist M. Tony Capula, the flautist Giovanni Scarpello the flutist and conductor M. Mario Ancillotti, the conductor M. Sigmund Thorp, the conductor M. Mauro Ceccanti, the conductor M. Marco Alibrando, the conductor M. Anastasios Symeonides, the conductor M. Henry Cheng, the actor Paolo Hendel and others. Ensembles such as: DmC Ensemble, Tangram Chamber Project, Ensemble BIOS, Quintetto SLOWIND, Ensemble Nuovo Contrappunto, NMH Sinfonietta, Contempoartensemble, New Made Ensemble, Dedalo Ensemble and others. Orchestras such as: Sanremo Symphony Orchestra, Galilei Orchestra of the Fiesole Music School, I Piccoli Pomeriggi Musicali of Milan, Fiorentina Chamber Orchestra, Budapest Symphony Orchestra MÁV, Pazardzhik Symphony Orchestra and others.

He participated in the “TELESIO” Opera with M. Franco Battiato.

Awarded by the Municipality of Firmo on the occasion of the “Firmo in Scena” Festival as “EXCELLENCE FIRMENSE” to be a bearer of music and culture in the world.

Winner of the Silver Medal in the GLOBAL MUSIC AWARDS in California with the composition “unAnimes”, performed in world premiere by Contempoartensemble.

Guest in the important International Competition of Orchestra “Antal Dorati Competition” as a Contemporary Composer with the song “Magic Horse” performed in premiere and directed by the Winner Henry Cheng.

He received the ENCOMIO SOLENNE with the Municipal Council Resolution n. 71 of 21/11/2018 from the Municipality of Firmo for his extraordinary artistic career in the field of music at an age so young that gives prestige to the entire citizenship and the Calabria region.

Founder and Artistic Director of the Versilia Music Academy and of the International Composition Competition “A. Rendano “, lecturer of Piano and Composition at the Accademia Musicale della Versilia and of “Operation of the Music Production Sector” at the CaMu of Arezzo.

In April 2018 he was appointed Music Director of by the company ITALIA MEDIA ONLINE SRL.

Besides the Impronta – Edition UG he was also published by the publishing house “Sconfinarte” in Milan and by Ries & Erler in Berlin.

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Instrumento Solo

Venti9 for large ensemble (2019)
Venti9 for large ensemble (2019)