Bernardo Barros

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Bernardo Barros is a composer, pianist and live-electronics performer.

Bernardo Barros has been devoting himself to the creation of both
instrumental and electronic works. As a performer he has focused on
improvisation with live-electronics developing his own instruments and
tools. Most recent performances in Europe, Brazil and United States
include Sonorities Festival (Belfast), Re:New Festival (Copenhagen),
SuperCollider Symposium (Boulder), CCRMA Modulations (San Francisco), La
Pietra Forum (Florence), Linux Audio Conference (Karlsruhe), ENCUN (João
Pessoa), Correspondencias Sonoras (Santiago de Compostela),
Internationale Ferienkurse für neue Musik (Darmstadt). He holds a BA in
music composition from State University of Campinas (Unicamp, Brazil)
and studied at the Institute of Sonology (The Hague, Holland) with
Konrad Boehmer, Joel Ryan, Clarence Barlow and Kees Tazelaar. Very
fruitful encounters in masterclass and private composition lessons with
Richard Barrett, Erik Ulman, Brian Ferneyhough, Mark André and Helmut
Lachenmann. As improviser has performed with a variety of musicians
including Carlos Zingaro, Abdul Moimême, João Pedro Viegas, Joker Nies,
Rodrigo Montoya and Mário del Nunzio. Long-term collaboration with Mario
del Nunzio, as electric guitar and electronics duo, and Bruno Ruviaro as
a live-electronics duo. Recently released an album with Los
Angeles-based quartet Gnarwhallaby: “Gnarwhallaby 4×4” and soon will
release an album with collaborative works with Mario del Nunzio. In 2011
he completed his Masters Degree at University of São Paulo with thesis
on gesture and corporeality in musical composition. Presently is a PhD
candidate at New York University. Recent and on-going collaboration with
Gnarwhallaby, inifinito menos, Vertixe Sonora, Talea and mise-en.
Tri par année. Les pièces les plus recentes apparaissent d'abord

Groupe de Chambre (2 - 4 instruments)

Spill (2013)
Catastrophe (2012)
Fragilidade (2012)

Ensemble de Chambre (5 - 9 instruments)

Residuo (2012)
Catastrophe (2012)
Fragilidade (2012)
Residuo (2012)
Spill (2013)