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SCHISTE Complete Score ok
SCHISTE Complete Score ok 4


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ISMN : 979-0-2325-0313-4

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I composed this quartet, into the soul, during a long period, before writing it.
and just after a "meeting" with a painter-musician, David Ryan, i decided to write a very abstract form into a deep, solid and shaking brightness sound,
almost fixed, never by the musical-rhythm, but more by the wild pulse, like of shimmering reflections into a solid circle of water, or more (in a macro view) how the time affect the stones, their mobility into what we call "the événement" ("happening"), we sense this mobility, as the longest thing into our time perception,
...however the "événement" grow-up.
Maybe the sound teach to men, the extremely contrasted thing into the phenomenon indistinguishable and dense, an explosion into silences;
On stones, sometimes, we can read the traces, the proof, of a "time sound", the result of a crossed passage by the longest periods than it,
"singing of times" by the opposite contrasts of the "événement".

"opposite contrasts" as the cells sounds of each instrument (written like cells on the paper), with their "time" and "resonant forms", encounter with the sound solid tape and her fluid resonator sounding, the images traces as a "pulse direction".

3 elements are the real base of the pièce :
sounds-instruments, sounds tapes, and traces

each have their "sonic-time-independance".

Merge into a sort of a nodal point as the event.

clarinet (si-b) / bass clarinet  (si-b)
bass clarinet (si-b) / clarinet (si-b)
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Format -  A3 / Tabloid
Pages - 4
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