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Systematic double bind
Systematic double bind 7

Systematic double bind

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ISMN : 979-0-2325-0458-2

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(commissioned by Trio Atem: workshopped at IDAF on 04 May 2012)
Systematic Double Bind is a work in progress that includes works for flexible groups of instruments and electronics (live electronics & musique concrète) The piece is influenced by Gregory Bateson’s Double Bind theory. Double Bind theory is a communication dilemma in which an individual receives two or more conflicting messages; one of these messages negates the other. The double bind occurs when the person cannot confront the inherent dilemma, and therefore cannot resolve it or out the situation.
The work investigates several levels of reciprocity but the sonic relation and the rhythmical and physical interaction between the players and the electronics do play a key role in the whole work. Various and unexpected ways of exchanging information, creates an alogical non-linear development.

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Format - A3 / Tabloid
Pages - 6

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