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BAden baDen badEn A4 z
BAden baDen badEn A4 z 7
BAden baDen badEn A4 z 8
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11 - 15min

ISMN : 979-0-2325-1439-0

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BAden-baDen-badEn is a piece for accordion, piano, violin, 2 percussion, and harp. It was composed for ?“The International Sfogato Music & Arts Festival” ?in Cracow, Poland (2011). The inspiration for the piece came during a stay in Baden-Baden, Germany (2010). The word, “Baden” in German, means to bathe or to swim as a therapy. The music as therapy was the theme of the Festival. In this piece, I incorporated in a South Korean “Singing Bowl,” for its therapeutic quality in sound. Structurally, BAden-baDen-badEn is based on three arches of the notes B, A, D, and E with cadences, appearing as a chorale throughout the piece, very much like a cantus firmus. In addition, a distortion technique used in this piece creates a blurring effect, which is reminiscent of traveling, where memories are blurred by fast changes in place and time. BAden-baDen-badEn received the Second Prize at the International Composition Competition “Generace” in Ostrava, Czech Republic (2012), was premiered during “Janacek May International Music Festival” (2013), and was dedicated to Hyekyung Lee, a dear friend and colleague.
percussion (2)
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Format - A4 / US Letter
Pages - 40

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