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Collateral Damage

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Estimated Duration
16 - 20min

ISMN : 979-0-2325-1523-6

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Notes sur cette pièce

Collateral Damage
COLLATERAL DAMAGE is a piece for mixed ensemble for Piccolo/Flute, Clarinet in B, Bassoon, Trumpet in B, Tenor Trombone, Drum Set, Violin and Double Bass. The piece exists in two versions. The first version was composed for the Badische Staatstheater Karlsruhe and bears a connection to The Story of a Soldier by Stravinsky. The link that I chose is not a musical link but a textual one: Wozzeck from Alban Berg is the story of a soldier who became collateral damage in his society. It’s the first piece where I have employed collage technique, which is to superimpose different musical scenes with multiple sensations and affects. Having a drum set in the ensemble was the result of a misunderstanding: the list of available instruments included “drum set” and not the more commonly seen “percussion.” In the end, the drum set added an interesting dimension to the piece, which is a kaleidoscope of different styles from Bach to Berg to jazz.
piccolo|Clarinet|Bassoon|Trumpet|Trombone|Drumset|violin|Double bass|
Score Details
Format - A4 / US Letter
Pages - 80
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