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Horla IV

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Estimated Duration
6 - 10min

ISMN : 979-0-2325-0921-1

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Notes sur cette pièce
This piece can be perceived as a series of inter/playing/locking solos that at certain points within the progress of the work will always gel together and become an homogeneous entity, that after a section of truer solos that are passed from one instrument to the other a breakout position is reached where a far more homogeneous section proceeds until the end.Extended breath and breathing techniques, as well as multiphonic timbres and noise effects have been use to broaden the expression and potential scope of the instruments and are used in some passages exclusively in their own right.The work explores how from a highly capable series of concurrent complexities not only is another whole created from the individual parts when attention is be paid to each voice in this context, but in later sections a reflective inner exploration where basic natures are to re-discovered and the approach modified to enhance this natural feel and flow the individuals, retaining their own discretion and character contribute to another perhaps more enhanced whole yet retaining the same essential essence.
Clarinet (playing bass clarinet)
Horn in F
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Format - A4 / US lette
Pages - 32

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