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Rumor líquido

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6 - 10min

ISMN : 979-0-2325-1499-4

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Rumor líquido
This work was finalist in the 36 edition of the International Composition Contest ‘Valentino Bucchi-Parco della Musica’ (Roma, 2014)
This piece takes as main subject the idea of whisper sound (Rumor). More specifically, types of whisper sound that we can link with what could be called liquid sonorities. The poetic of the piece takes a double way to develop this idea. On the one hand, the mimetic approach searching for sounds that can be listened like liquid ones. On the other hand, the symbolic approach, employing music materials with liquid morphology, it is to say, sounds as unstable as the noises produced by liquids. Mimetic and symbolic approaches to the liquid whisperings create different sound environments around the idea of liquid sound.
bass clarinet
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Format - A3 / tabloid
Pages - 44

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