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finite functions of infinitive sets A3 z
finite functions of infinitive sets A3 z 9
finite functions of infinitive sets A3 z 10

Finite Functions of infinitive sets

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ISMN : 979-0-2325-1452-9

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Notes sur cette pièce
 Finite Functions of infinitive sets (2011)
This piece was an attempt to immerse in a living ocean of vibrations, a lava compounded by melting sounds of clarinets. The piece is written for 2 clarinets in Bb and 2 clarinets in A, tuning with a ratio of 3 Hz in frequency from each other that results in creating different interactions and net of beatings in different register of clarinet. In general the piece deals with the different qualities, and multiple layers, of tensions. The main approach of the piece was regarded to the acoustical function (acoustic impedance etc) of clarinets, with a percentage of error regarded to sound movements in the real world. The material of composition thus were elicited form acoustical character of different registers of clarinet. The structure of piece is inspired by the arguments discussed on axiom of choice on finite and infinite sets.
Score Details
Format - A3 / tabloid
Pages - 32
clarinet in Bb (2)
clarinet in A (2)

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