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Mithya I A4 z
Mithya I A4 z 4
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Mithya I

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ISMN : 979-0-2325-0792-7

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Notes sur cette pièce
Written for Mario Caroli,   Mithya is a cycle of 3 solo works. In the indian philosophy, “mithya “ means “not real, not unreal, illusory”. It means, for me, a special strange music for a special strange and beautiful instrument, at the crossroad between the dream, desire and illusion. Each of the three works has a sub-title, suggesting its spirit, its expression.The first one , “like a prayer” expresses my idea about the flute, instrument of meditation and prayer . I’ve tried to suggest  a special emotion: painful or hopeful, the flute monodie is caressing or imploring.The first gesture is the SEED of the whole work: ascensio-an ascent rising of the eye-sight –followed by  a slow descent.
Mario Caroli - flute
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