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Sequences and Puzzles I

Sequences and Puzzles I for Orchestra (2020)

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Estimated Duration
11 - 15min

ISMN : 979-0-2325-5601-7

Notes sur cette pièce
Sunghyun Lee - Sequences and Puzzles I for Orchestra (2020)

This music is my small essay about musical clichés. I wanted to create humorous musical scenes by twisting various elements of the classical music in the common practice period. Particularly, I wanted to use the techniques and the materials which are often used in the classical music, like the sequences of harmonies which are consisted with interval of perfect 5th, along with tonal chords and simple figurations. Also, throughout this work, I quoted the renowned works like L.V.Beethoven's "Symphony No. 5", and Richard Strauss's "Also sprach Zarathustra". And they appear in various ways through parodies and collages. In addition, musical themes and motives of those powerful music are fragmented like puzzles, and as the music progresses, they are combined in various, somewhat unexpected ways. Hope my musical humors can directly communicate with the audiences... :) Composed : 2020-05-16 ~ 2020-05-31
Flute (2)|Piccolo|Oboe (2)|Clarinet (2)|Bassoon (2)|Trumpet (2)|Trombone (3)|Tuba|Piano|Harp|Violin (10)|Violin (12)|Viola (4)|Double bass (4)|Timpani|Horn (French Horn) (4)|Cello (8)|Percussions (3)
Conductor - Youngsun Choi
Performed by Millennium Symphony Orchestra
Score Details
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Pages - 86

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