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Introspección I

for symphonic orchestra

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Estimated Duration
6 - 10min

ISMN : 979-0-2325-3314-8

Notes sur cette pièce
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Introspección I, is the first of a series of works in which the work is based on the same extra-musical idea: Look deep into yourself.
The search for that primitive, simple yet complex, but safe surface wear. The continued pursuit of sound that represents the own worldview. The difficult and complex task to search and navigate on a way forward and inward. 
Musically, the work is based on an ongoing research and experimentation, contributing to shape a personal language in the direction that I have been working on my latest pieces: provide to the formal rigor and a strong and clear harmonic structure, an continuous exploration of timbral parameter. The development and evolution of instrumental writing, exploring the limits, characteristics, qualities and possibilities of each instrument and instrumental relationship as a whole. All this working, coexisting and shaping a texture, at times of high complexity. 
The piece is structured in a single movement, worked as an inverted parabola, where climax points are at the beginning and end. Starting with a big orchestral tutti, which gradually disintegrates, texture is emptied, and the tempo slowing down, to give rise to the central section. Section calmer but complex. With sets of mirrors and shadows. Complex interwoven starting to warm up again, and restore the vibrancy, turbulent, sometimes violent, which gradually give rise to work again tutti, which tension grows, complicate the texture and heading to an abrupt and deafening end. It is the awakening of an inner journey. 
Flute (2)
Oboe (2)
Clarinet (2)
Bassoon (2)
Trumpet (3)
Trombone (3)
Violin (2)
Double bass
Horn (French Horn) (4)
Percussions (3)
Málaga Philharmonic Orchestra
Score Details
Format - A4 / US Letter
Pages - 40

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