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Estimated Duration
11 - 15min

ISMN : 979-0-2325-3238-7

Notes sur cette pièce
Enfance is a set of four piano pieces written in 2015.
The pieces have the following titles:
1. Jeux
2. Rêves
3. Bataille
4. Les voyants
I. Jeux (Games) is a sort of two-part invention, with voices dialoguing in sometimes friendly, sometimes conflictual imitation, until they become so untangled with each other that they end up fighting for registral territory. The section concluding the piece erases all traces of the previous narrative.
II. Rêves (Dreams) is characterized by small phrase fragments that constantly return in slightly varied presentations, causing somewhat of a sense of confusion in the musical continuity – as if we couldn’t be sure where the phrases start and end. Additionally, the use of repeat signs for some measures – sometimes interrupting the flow of a phrase – increases the sense of syntactical disorientation which mirrors the often strange continuity of dreams.
III. Bataille (Fight) is an apparently simple presentation of two voices responding to each other. But beyond the simplicity of the voice exchanges, their rhythmic activity is such that as some of the shorter rhythmic values are displaced within each phrase, the temporal relationship between the phrases is also varied: the second voice interrupts the first always a little bit earlier, and they soon end up talking at the same time, with increasing frustration.
Les voyants (The seers) is a journey with elusive, fugitive figurations that never quite materialize into a clear discourse. The general outline is in three short sections, the outer ones being characterized by fleeting figures in the high register of the instrument, that progressively become harmonic colors of a recurring D; the middle section is more dense, and its quick figures shimmer over resonances created by a cluster of notes depressed silently before the section begins. The third section is followed by a coda of slow moving chords.
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