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Dit du Genji

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ISMN : 979-0-2325-0292-2

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This solo-pièce was composed between september and october 2011, after a commission by the musician-interpreter Laure Stehlin, to introduce new composition into her Baroque repertory, to create an answer and a question as a "bridge" between old-tradition and new tradition.The principal musical axis was the silence as a breath, as a sound, as a place for musical-timbres's breathes.The Open-form of the composition lead the breathes of the musician out of the conventional "pause" for a breath, it lead the soul of the sound front of the tune.The influence of the "Dit du Genji" (japanese writing and legends) are more from the creative times-weft of this book (created on many years) than the subjects inside it, this times-weft story reflected how an oral-tradition could be an important reality... The approach of the "Sounds-into-silences" in this musical-pièce is a reflection of how our perceptions of times change the senses of what we heard, of what we feel, of what we try to understand once out of traditional musical-form, become aware of times and Sounds and "exterior" events, without let the silences become an occasion for present-noises... This pièce is like a drawing, the source and the origin of the sound's painting, the indeterminate area of the interpretation invite the birds and the "exterior" of the composition to come into the field of the sound.a silence into a silence, an instinct into an instinct.
flute (Hotteterre) - Solo
XI century church - Bertem - Belgium.Flute Hotteterre solo by Laure Stehlin.
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Format - A4 / US Letter
Pages - 2

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