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pour vibraphone et gong

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ISMN : 979-0-2325-3695-8

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“Maye” (pronounced ma-yé) was written in 2014 for the French percussionist Laurent Mariusse, who premiered it in Montpellier for Turbulences Sonores Festival in April of the same year. Laurent Mariusse's concert was composed of works inspired by Southeast Asia or having links with this region of the world.
“Maye” is a work in 3 parts for vibraphone and gong. Each part uses a pelog, one of the two essential scales of gamelan music native to Bali and Java, in Indonesia. In Javanese, the term is said to be a variant of the word pelag that means "fine" or "beautiful". Pelog has seven notes, but many gamelan ensembles only have keys for five of the pitches. In her work, Sophie Lacaze uses the three most common modes in Bali:
- Pelog Selisir (the most often encountered) for the 1st part,
- Pelog Sunaren for the 2d part,
- Pelog Tembung for the last one.
“Maye” means “imaginary” or “imaginary world” in Javanese language.
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