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The Neva Prospectum
The Neva Prospectum 7
The Neva Prospectum 8
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The Neva Prospectus

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1 - 5min

ISMN : 979-0-2325-0500-8

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“The symphonic prologue to theatrical action«THE NEVA PROSPECTUS» It’s even hardly to describe an uncounted number of phantasmagorias that you an across within a single day! (N.V.Gogol “The Neva Prospectus”)“The street can be observed through a window, so that its sounds are weakened, its movements transforms to phantoms, and through clear, but solid and strong glass, street itself  seems to be the out-of-body phenomenon pulsing in the other world”(V.Kandinsky «The Point and a line on a plane»)Choosing a theme for my work, I had been inspired with the creativity of Gogol, especially with his stories about Petersburg. In a history about «The Neva prospectus» I’ve always been fascinated by a mystery of a broad and loud city street. Its noise has seemed to be unusual, its own breath especial, and its rhythm curios. I sought to express the idea of sound masses that sometimes are overlapped and sometimes are subdivided. I made setting of poetry by Daniel Harms on music. First performance – 2005, Big Concert Hall of P.I.Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory State Academic Symphonic Orchestra Conductor – Alexander Slutsky  
symphonic orchestra
State Academic Symphonic Orchestra
Alexander Slutskym conductor
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Format - A3 / Tabloid
Pages - 53

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