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abaGa baʁatur

#88 (2014)

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Estimated Duration
1 - 5min

ISMN : 979-0-2325-3019-2

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NOTE: AbaGa baʁatur (uncle hero) refers to the second Mongol ruler in Persia, Abaqa Khan from 1265 to 1282. During this time the Mongol empire was consumed with civil war and invasion, which led to the development of powerful alliances, often through marriage. In 1265, Abaqa Khan’s father, Hulagu Khan, had negotiated with Byzantine emperor Michael VIII Palaiologos to add a daughter of the Byzantine imperial family to the number of Hulagu’s wives. Michael selected his illegitimate daughter Maria Palaiologina, but before she arrived in Persia, Hulagu died, so she was married to the Prince Abaqa Khan instead. This composition is a short glimpse of war, love and alliance.

The Mongolian language features many guttural sounds, and being a living language, has evolved over time. This scene will compare the articulation of ancient, abaGa baʁatur and modern, abaga baatar(a) Mongolian, through the use and disuse of palatal, velar and uvular fricatives, trills and plosives. Then contrasting natural language use will be those experimental articulatory procedures identified throughout the score and based upon a novel articulatory mapping of the vocal tract
Soprano voice
Alto voice
Tenor voice
Bass voice
Recording from premiere performance by AUDITIVVOKAL DRESDEN
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Format - A4 / US Letter
Pages - 24

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