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Ave maria virgo serena

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Estimated Duration
6 - 10min

ISMN : 979-0-2325-0546-6

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Jacopa die 7 soil is a story of love and friendship of immaculate purity, one of the most exciting that you can read and translate to music.The theme in its intensity, appears in the letter of Francesco d Assisi to woman Jacopa of 7 Soli; the last will of the holy glimpses a strong attachment to the land and a transition to the heavenly love mediated by the sweetness of Jacopa.A love so pure and lightweight to call on the last woman Fransseco would have seen in life with a few gifts that represent the land and its beauty.The work is organized in a modular form; it is composed, in 5 paintings, not interdependent, and can therefore be performed individually or in variable association. Salient relief is that of a overall shape caressed by the smile, which hovers in every breath of voices, of the instruments or electronics, in the same essence of the letter by Francesco d   Assisi translated in music with a ciphered code.
percussion 3
Susanna Menicucci - soprano?
Francesca Rapetti - flute
?Renata Sfriso - violin
?Claudio Bettinelli - percussion
Score Details
Format - A4 / US Letter
Pages - &nbs

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