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Car je croyais ouïr de ces bruits prophétiques....

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Notes sur cette pièce
« Car je croyais ouïr de ces bruits prophétiques... », for solo horn and live electronics,  also exists in a version for horn and string trio . The piece is inspired by the poem The Horn by Alfred de Vigny (1825) and has four movements played attacca. The arch-like form of the piece responds to the typically romantic atmosphere of the text (reference to the past, expression of the inner personality, feeling for nature). It is mainly based on principles of developing variations, in which both central movements are used as transitions. The electronic effects (reverberation, timbral effects, transpositions) fairly remain closed to the original sound of the instrument, whle emphasizing its potential dramatical aspect. During this long inner monolog intervene several fictive characters, ghostly doublings and sounds of nature. Probably a narrative music.- Eclatements (Bursting)- Mort (Death)- Renaissance- Prolongements (Extensions)
horn in F
live electronics
The electronic part of the piece is written for MAX/MSP and was originally conceived for 8 loudspeakers. The horn player triggers the events with a MIDI pedal connected to the computer via the mixing console. The spatialization is handled directly in the MAX patch. Several IRCAM libraries might be necessary to download if not available
"font-weight- bold;" /Antoine Dreyfuss (horn)Charles Pierron (horn)
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Format - A4 / US Letter
Pages - 25

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