Pierre Mariétan

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Born in Monthey (Switzerland), 1935, has lived in Paris since 1964. He studied at the conservatories of Geneva and Venice, the Hochscule für Musik in Cologne, and the Musikakademie of Basel (with P. Boulez and K. Stockhausen) became a Teacher at the Université de Paris (I and VIII), Maître de conférence at the Ecole díArchitecture de Paris la Villette, Director of the LAMU (Laboratoire Acoustique et Musique Urbaine,) and was Founder of the GERM (Groupe díEtude et Réalisation Musicales). He has composed over 200 vocal, instrumental, orchestral and electronic works, performed at numerous festivals and other musical organisations. He is the initiator of research in the area of qualification of sound in space, with the creation of concepts about background noise, the sonic situation, and auditory models. He is a producer for the Atelier de Création Radiophonique at France Culture (French state radio). He has had numerous tours as musician and lecturer in Europe, the United States, Canada and Japan. He has had temporary and permanent sound installations, and participated in urban and rural architectural projects and realisations, in France, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Italy and Spain. He is the winner of many international competitions, including the Ars Acoustica International prize in 1996.
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Instrument Solo

Empreintes No 11 (2010)

Voix et instruments

Fragments Sceniques P1 (2009)