Chris Hung

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Chris Hung studied composition with Prof. Chan Wing-wah and Prof. Victor Chan at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, he was awarded the Doctor of Music Degree in 2009.

Hung has attended composition lectures with Brian Ferneyhough, Liza Lim, Rebecca Saunders, Hans Thomalla and Tansy Davies etc.

Hung’s music have been performed in United States, Germany, Poland, United Kingdom, Sweden, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore and Hong Kong etc.

Hung collaborated with various international ensembles, such as Het Collectief (Belgium), Ensemble Modern (Germany), Nieuw Ensemble (Netherlands), Ensemble Modelo62 (Netherlands), Next Mushroom Promotion (Japan), Vox humana (Japan), Smith Quartet (UK), City Chamber Orchestra of Hong Kong, Hong Kong New Music Ensemble, The Composers Guild Ensemble (Hong Kong), International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE) (USA), Orchestra of Our Time (USA), National Taiwan Symphony Orchestra (NTSO) (Taiwan), Singapore Chinese Orchestra (Singapore), Poznan I. J. Paderewski Academy Orchestra (Poland), Korea Percussion Orchestra (Korea) and Stroma (New Zealand) etc.

Hung has been invited to participate several music festivals, such as Musicarama (2010, 11, 12), Asian Composers’ League (ACL) Music Festival (2009, 10 & 11), 45th Darmstadt Ferienkurse für neue Musik (2010), CoMA Composition Residency & Masterclass (2011) and Seoul Drum Festival (2011), International Rostrum of Composers (2012) etc.

Awarded pieces in recent years include Cosmos for Chinese Ensemble (Honourable Mention, 2011 Ding Yi International Chinese Ensemble Composition Competition): Borobudur for large Chinese Orchestra (Finalist, 2011 Singapore International Competition for Chinese Orchestral Composition), Sunrise for Orchestra (Finalist, Hong Kong Sinfonietta Composition Competition), Epilogue for a Tragedy (Third Prize, Sun River New Composition Competition in Chendu, China), Ever-changing Veins of Stone (Second Prize (No First Prize Awarded), International Composers' Competition on the occasion of 90 Anniversary of the I. J. Paderewski Academy of Music), it was also featured in 2011 Taiwan ACL Music Festival, recorded and performed by “Orchestra of Our Time” in USA in 2011.

Groupe de Chambre (2 - 4 instruments)

Red (2011)
Ever-changing Veins of Stone (2010)
Infinite Soundscape (2010)

Ensemble de Chambre (5 - 9 instruments)

Fluorescence (2011)
Ville Froide (2010)

Ensemble (10 - 19 instruments)

Lux (2010)

Ensemble Choral

Peony Pavilion (2010)