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Ein Kinderlied_Leonardo Idrobo b
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Ein Kinderlied

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Estimated Duration
11 - 15min

ISMN : 979-0-2325-0348-6

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Notes sur cette pièce
Commissioned by Ensemble Phoenix BaselPremiered 3/25/12 in Basel. «ein Kinderlied» (one children’s song). One? My son isn’t happy by doing just one thing at a time. No! He has to play here and there, move around, do several activities almost at the same time. This kind of layered way of playing inspired me to write a piece, where I try somehow imitate his way of playing.Quotations of well known children’s songs appear here and there. Just fragments - kind of shadows of those songs. Made-up children’s songs-like melodies are to be heard as well; melodies which I drew out of my own sonic material. Very much like branches of a tree. I’d like to think of it as a complex, but clear-to-hear kind of sonic web.
Flute| Oboe| Clarinet| Saxophones| Percussions| Keyboard| Violin| Viola| Cello
Score Details
Format - A3 / Tabloid
Pages - 43

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