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Symphony N 1 A3 z 2 269 1 319
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Symphony N 1 (Pieces a Conviction)

for orchestra

18,54 €
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Estimated Duration
20 - 25min

ISMN : 979-0-2325-2269-2

Notes sur cette pièce
was a commission from the Sacem and France Musique as the result of winning the prize for best film music in 2014. The piece is in four movements and is an hommage which evokes an idea of film music even though very far-removed from that medium. The recording here was made by the French Radio and is the live performance of the Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Marzena Diukin on November 13, 2015 in the Auditorium at the French Radio. A strange anecdote: As an hommage to film music and as the title suggests there are two actual gunshots written into the score in the last movement. These sadly and bizarrely coincided with the terrorist attacks in Paris the evening of the premier.
Symphonic orchestra
Score Details
Format - A3 / Tabloid
Pages - 68

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