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BaKaTaKaBaKa A3 z
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BaKaTaKaBaKa 2

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ISMN : 979-0-2325-1303-4

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Notes sur cette pièce

BaKaTaKaBaKa 2
The main idea of the piece Bakatakabaka (for solo trombone) is to explore a particular polyphonic characteristic of the Trombone. However, the polyphony is treated here not as the traditional concept of “simultaneous melodies”, but seen as an interplay of pronounced personages. Hence the music unfolds itself similarly to a theater piece, whereas its dramatic effects spring from tensions, contrasts and associations between characters of distinct humors.The trombone must always sound “human” and its melodic lines should resemble the manifold inflections of the human voice (whisper, scream, speech, lament, hysteria, laugh etc.). All rhythmic and Tempo indications can and should be played as flexible as possible. Likewise, the microtones, glissandi and extreme notes of the instrument do not need a perfect intonation and must only emphasize the vocal nature of the melodies. All the above-mentioned peculiarities confer to the piece a “burlesque” quality and a real theatrical interpretation is strongly advised to enrich its dramatic effect.
Score Details
Format - A3 / tabloid
Pages - 12

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