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for BassClarinet. To Harry Sparnaay

Estimated Duration
6 - 10min

ISMN : 979-0-2325-6398-5

Notes sur cette pièce

How many times a day in advertising, we see a cat fancy as a symbol of strength, combined with beauty, precision smoothness, accuracy, sharpness of senses with flawless strategy, thoroughly stealthy movements when the right time is achieved, deployment of all force in a precise and accurate attack. All muscle and intelligence locked in a mysterious stain smooth skin highlighted by deep gold color.

The Jaguar model and has been sacred animal to most ancient civilizations that have inhabited this planet. For the Olmecs eg primitive people of all Mesoamerican civilizations, the Jaguar is the generative principle of man and therefore perfect model to follow.

But far from imitating him (not for automotive and other ads) What is it that has made humans ?; Not more or less be exterminated, So in the end we have no model to which to aspire and just reign destruction and barbarism.

Somehow the bass clarinet is a panther, black and elegant animal. Body mass and also slender, smooth yet powerful sound, agility and precision of attack, expressiveness from the most plain to the most rugged (aggressive).

Among other performances, the piece can evoke the caged feline and various strategies for free. But finally he has no other choice but to obtain release through sublimation of self, the inner edge. It is only in elevating ourselves through personal work, we can gain freedom, because otherwise it's almost impossible that the bars of the present human animality open.

Bass clarinet
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Pages - 10

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