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for flute and clarinet in b-flat

9,27 €


for flute and clarinet in b-flat

9,00 €
In Stock


for violin, violoncello and piano

9,00 €

Sonus Lumine

per venti strumenti

18,54 €

Soprano octet

for eight soprano voices

7,73 €

Soprano quartet

for four soprano voices

9,79 €

Soprano sextet

for six soprano voices

9,79 €

Soprano trio

for three soprano voices

11,33 €

Sopros do Estuário

for ensemble pierrot

11,33 €

Sottile (ensemble)

per ensemble ed elettronica

Sottile (orchestra)

Versione per orchestra da camera e elettronica

Sotto Voce

for cello and live electronics

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