Julio Viera

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Julio Martín Viera was born in Buenos Aires on August 28th, 1943.
He obtained the degree in Music Composition from the Catholic University of Buenos Aires.

He began teaching music composition and orchestration at the Music Faculty of the National University at the city of La Plata and since 1997 to 2007 was Full Professor of Music Composition and Director of the Center of Contemporary Music at the Faculty of Music of the Argentine Catholic University.

Was Director of the Laboratory of Research and Musical Production at the City of Buenos Aires Cultural Center (LIPM) since 1984 to 2009, Secretary of the New Music Group since 1974 and was Secretary of the Argentine Federation of Electroacoustic Music (FARME) from 1985 to 1998.

He participated as composer at the Composer's Conference, Wellesley, Mass., at the "Sound Celebration Festival" at Louisville, Kentucky (50 anniversary of the Louisville Orchestra) and was invited to compose at the Electronic Music Center at Columbia Princeton Universities, New York, at the GRM (Groupe de Recherches Musicales – Paris)

Was invited to give concerts and lectures at the GRM, at the electroacoustic music centers of the Universities of Stanford and California, San Diego, at the University of New York in the frame of the festival “Sonidos de las Américas” – American Composers Orchestra, New York, and others.

He has received numerous awards in music composition, including the National Endowment of the Arts Award, the National Award, the Municipal Award, the SADAIC prize (Argentine Society of Authors and Composers) and the Konex award in Music Composition.

Is member of the National Academy of Fines Arts

He also obtained the Guggenheim Fellowship in Music Composition, commissions from the Fromm Music Foundation at Harvard University, from GRM ( Grupe de Recherches Musicales - Paris), from Koussevitzky Music Foundation and the Teatro Colón to compose for symphonic orchestra (piece premiered at the Colón Theatre in 2001), and among others.

He has composed several chamber, symphonic and vocal works and electroacoustic music for tape and tape and instruments.
Ordered by year. Most recent works appears first

Chamber Group ( 2 - 4 instruments )

Tres Epigramas (2006)
Tour de Force II (2006)

Ensemble (10 - 19 instruments)

Bienvenido (2001) for chamber ensemble (2001)
Bienvenido (2001) for chamber ensemble (2001)
Tour de Force II (2006)
Tres Epigramas (2006)