Cara Arndt

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Native of Hamburg (Germany) and based in Paris (France), Cara claims the right of the blank page and strives for a music as an object, be it instrumental, electronic or both.?
Referring herself solely to other artistic disciplines dealing with the notion of object, space and their auras (like industrial and fashion design, architecture), she focusses her work on an abstract formalization ("works" as "dynamic stills") of human interconnections and identities.?
Electing a composition technic mechanizing those interactions in order to free recurrent patterns, the medium fades back to the profit of the meaning and symbolics for an objective performative expression.?
These extracted independent logical structures collide and connect in a (quasi) non-linear temporality.
During various courses and academies across Europe, Cara followed master classes with F. Bedrossian, P. Billone, P. Leroux, P. Manoury, A. Van Parys, L. Lim, E. Poppe, R. Saunders et J. Rea. She currently studies at the PSPBB in Paris.
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Solo Voice

J (2013)
J (2013)