Masayoshi Matsui

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Born in Tokyo, Japan. He began his musical studies with violin: lessons with Asako Yoshikawa, Prof. Chikashi Tanaka, Prof. Kazuki Sawa und A.Prof. Ruriko Tsukahara.
 At the University Mozarteum Salzburg he studied violin with Prof. Martin Mumelter, composition with Prof. Adriana Hölszky and music theory with Prof. Franz Zaunschirm. He learned improvisation with Prof. Alexander Müllenbach, electronic composition with Achim Bornhoeft. He completed his Master's degree in violin in year 2008 with Auszeichnung and in composition in year 2012 with Auszeichnung. Now he study music theory and works as assistant at the University Mozarteum Salzburg.?  His varied work covers several areas such as composition, violin, music theory, improvisation, chamber music, new music. His compositions have been performed by renowned ensembles such as El Perro Andaluz, Ensemble OENM, Ensemble Zahir, Stadler Quartet, Tokyo Sinfonietta. He is the finalist at the 80th music competition of Japan 2011.
Ordered by year. Most recent works appears first

Chamber Ensemble (5 - 9 instruments)

Acanthostega (2012)
Ichthyostega (2010)
Na Na Na NaNuNa (2009)

String Quartet

Elasmosaurus (2010)

Woodwind Quintet

Na Na Na NaNuNa (2009)