Bernard Cavanna

Dmitry Timofeev

Russian composer from St. Petersburg.
His work “Angel” was selected in final of composer competition “Step to The Left”, St. Petersburg, 2008. His music was performed by eNsemble, conductor Feodor Lednev. He was a participant of young composers’ festival “Tax Free”,
St. Petersburg, 2010. Dmitry was listener of concerts and workshops in “Gaudeamus Music Week”, Amsterdam, 2010 and was participant of the first “International Academy of Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble in Tchaikovsky city“ under Professors Pierluigi Billone, Franck Bedrossian and Dmitri Kourliandski, 2011. As composer Dmitry is invited to Siemens Forum, Munich, 2012. He had commission from Moscow festival contemporary music “Platform“, 2012.