Piaras Hoban

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His work tries to approach in some way the special situation of making music with instruments. The open and acknowledged aspects of this situation are sound, body, instrument, technology and culture. The closed and unacknowledged are...
He is a previous winner of the Huddersfield Young Composers' Competition and his work has been supported by Kildare County Council and the Arts Council. His music has been heard in Ireland, England, France, Germany, the Netherlands and at various festivals, including the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, the International Computer Music Conference, Gaudeamus Music Week, Hilltown New Music Festival, and the Dublin Electronic Arts Festival. His music has been performed by Ensemble Surplus, Xasax, Quatour Makrokosmos, Diversus Guitar Ensemble, David Bremner, Kate Ellis, Nick Roth, and Ensemble MAE, amongst others.
A graduate of the Queen's University Belfast (BSc) and the National University of ireland (PhD), in 2011 he was a fellow of the Summer Academy at Schloss Solitude and in 2012 took part in the composition session at Royaumont Abbey. He has studied with Jesse Ronneau, John Godfrey, Steven Takasugi, Chaya Czernowin, Amnon Wolman, Pierluigi Billone, Brian Ferneyhough and Alberto Posadas.

Soloist (Instrument or Voice) and Real Time Electronics

Magic birth / magia figura (2013)

Solo Instrument

Al is klar (2012)

Instruments and Electronics

Magic birth / magia figura (2013)
Figura: magi: ruddí (2012)

Chamber Ensemble (5 - 9 instruments)

Stamme nahuskild (2012)
Seam sew (2011)

Chamber Group ( 2 - 4 instruments )

Ná bac leis an seanfhuaim (2010)

Ensemble (10 - 19 instruments)

All pennies are the same (2009)