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Nicolas Marty is a Ph.D. student in musicology at Université Paris-Sorbonne and holds a Bachelor's degree in psychology. His musicological work is interested in the study of listening to acousmatic music. He is junior lecturer in computer music at Université Bordeaux-Montaigne. He studied instrumental composition and acousmatic composition at the Conservatoire de Bordeaux (with Jean-Louis Agobet and Christophe Havel) where he earned his diplomas in 2016. He has been nominated in April 2016 president of the association Octandre for electroacoustic music in Bordeaux. He studies taiji quan with Yann Lapeyrie (IRPO). His aesthetics is founded on the contemplation of space and silence, putting aside linearity and discursive chronology.
Ordered by year. Most recent works appears first

Music and Video

信裸 (shinra) for chamber ensemble, tape and video (2017)

Instrument and Electronics

音や賎の目にも見られる沈黙 (shizu no me) for saxophone, piano, percussions and electronics (2017)
J'ai donné ton nom à une pierre et tu verras la fin du monde materialistic requiem for bass flute, bass clarinet, two tubas, two double basses and two pianos (2014)

Chamber Group ( 2 - 4 instruments )

La volière des écureuils bleus for two performers on a prepared piano (2016)
Trois visages for flute/bass flute, clarinet in Bb/bass clarinet, and silence (2015) l'eau caressée par la lune lui murmure les étoiles… for harp and percussions (2014)
Un rien for alto flute and cello (2014)
Au bois d'or ment for amplified string trio (2013)

Orchestral Music

B612 for symphonic orchestra (2016)

Vocal Ensemble

Maximes for vocal ensemble (2014)

Solo Instrument

Anubis, ou l'horizon des événements for one percussionnist (2013)
Personnes alitées five little characters pieces for piano (2013)

Large Ensemble (20 - 35 instruments)

...aux rêves les larmes des enfants... for 23 instruments grouped in space (2013)