Daniel Teruggi

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Daniel Teruggi, 1952, Argentine
Daniel Teruggi studied Physics, composition and piano in Argentina. In 1977 he came to France to study at the Paris Conservatory. In 1981, he began working at INA (National Audiovisual Institute), at the Groupe de Recherches Musicales (GRM). In 1997 he become Director of the Groupe de Recherches Musicales.
Since October 2001 he directs the Research and Experimentation Department in INA.
PhD in Art and Technology in the Paris VIII University. He teaches Sound and Visual Arts, at the Paris I Sorbonne University. He is director of a Seminar on new technology applied to Musical analysis at the Paris IV University.
He has developed an important activity as composer and researcher, mainly on the relations between creation and technology and on the problematics related to sound perception.
He has coordinated the IST FP6 European Project PrestoSpace and is now currently working on a European project dedicated to Digital Preservation.

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Ensemble (Instruments or Voices) and Real Time Electronics

Circling Waters for ensemble and tape (2011)

Soloist (Instrument or Voice) and Real Time Electronics

Est for sopranino saxophone and electronics (2000)
Circling Waters for ensemble and tape (2011)
Est for sopranino saxophone and electronics (2000)