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Sam Cave

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Sam Cave’s music searches for ‘flowing-stasis’, a concentrated quietness and an energy-less intensity. Its rhythms, harmonies and gestures aim to hint at an eternal ‘other world’ built purely of sound, and attempt to invite and reward close and concentrated listening.

His work has been performed in venues around the UK and abroad such as The Forge, The Pump Rooms, Royal College of Music, Turner Sims Concert Hall, Handel House and Swinburne Hall, Norway’s Norges musikkhøgskole, in Australia at the Sydney Conservatorium and in the USA at Arts Collinwood.

Instrument and Electronics

…at the edge of his dreams for ensemble (2017)
My lungs taste the air of Time for ensemble (2015)

Chamber Group ( 2 - 4 instruments )

…but their stillness showed plainly… for ensemble (2017)
...but their stillness showed plainly…(version for string quartet) for string quartet (2017)
…to imprison the wind for piccolo, guitar and cello (2017)

Solo Instrument

Curved Lines ‘Gainst Square Glass for solo theorbo (2016)
10:01 for violin and piano (one player) (2012)
Grace for solo harpsichord (2010)