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Yan Maresz


Welcome to BabelScores

a specialized network in quality classical contemporary music. Listen to music,read full scores online, consult or buy scores.

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Soundscape Soundscape
Alexander Khubeev
The main idea of the piece is the search for new combinations of sonority and mi...

L'aube jete son or L'aube jete son or
Jorge Sad Levi
This piece is dedicated to argentine pianist Nora García. The piece is organize...

Humoresques (caprice n2) Humoresques (caprice n2)
Gilles Schuehmacher
As those by Schumann and Sibelius, my Humoresques propose a bittersweet, ...

Arbol de Abril Arbol de Abril
Antonio Juan-Marcos
for solo cello and ensemble....
BabelScores - Contemporary Music Online

Hommage to Luis Rizo-Salom, Colombia-France (1971-2013). He has been one leading artist composer in South America and in Europe, extremely prolific and creative, Luis has been a reference figure for new generations of musicians on his birth country and a strong voice on world's contemporary music.

Thanks for all his life long generosity and engagement as a musician and as a friend.


Online Library

Complete full scores of our catalog are accessible online through a subscription service. Scores are proposed in a very comfortable virtual booklet format. The Online Library is specially conceived for institutions (universities, conservatories, etc.). Individual subscriptions is also available. For information concerning institutional subscriptions please This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


BabelScores® is born from the need to promote contemporary music written in the last decades, by means of an easy access to information from any part of the world.

BabelScores® searches for and selects the works of the most creative, innovative and original composers of the last decades. It offers an extended catalogue and develops a powerful circulation platform, addressed specially to performers, ensembles, orchestras, composers, musicologists, conservatories, universities and festivals around the world.

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Accessing the material is also possible buying digital files in pdf format. By default BabelScores® delivers the scores of its catalog in PDF format at very convenient rates. This is generally cheaper, saves time and simplifies the process of diffusion music.

Printed Scores Editions

Nevertheless, you can also acquire the scores of our catalog in printed format editions. These scores will be sent to you by post mail.

New Pieces at BabelScores
Luis Naon
Cuando...(si siempre estoy llegando)
Bernard Cavanna
Bernard Cavanna
Petit fauve
Bernard Cavanna
Sept chants cruels
Bernard Cavanna
Karl Koop Konzert
Bernard Cavanna
cinq pièces pour harpe
Diana Arismendi
Cantos V
Christian Baldini
elapsing twilight shades
Aurelio Edler-copes
Encore Seule
Aurelio Edler-copes
Encore Seul
Núria Giménez Comas
Uns instants davant del mar
Núria Giménez Comas
Recovery Zones
Núria Giménez Comas
In harm
Gilles Schuehmacher
Night of light
Pedro Garcia Velasquez
Moro de Venecia
Sehyung Kim
Study no.26
Sehyung Kim
Sehyung Kim
Christian Mason
Unseen Seasons
Diana Arismendi
Alexander Sigman
Alexander Sigman
Alexander Sigman
le jardin des supplices
Alexander Sigman
detritus 1
Alexander Sigman
blo(o)t [int-1 x V,[3] version 1
Simone Movio
Zahir V
Simone Movio
Incanto IV
Leilei Tian
Where everything is music
Leilei Tian
Roaring in the cloud
Leilei Tian
Leilei Tian



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Visit the scores by composers Juliane Klein, Peter Gahn, Joanna Wozny and Leopold Hurt now available at BabelScores Online Library.



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Luis Naón now being diffused by BabelScores (view...)



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