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Lucas Fagin was born in 1980 in Argentina. He is a composer, keyboard and guitar player living in Paris and Buenos Aires. 

Until 2003, during the Buenos Aires period, he was an outsider while he studied with Daniel Montes, Ricardo Martinez and Aldo Antognazzi.

Later, in 2003 Fagin decided to go to France where he studied composition at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique de Paris with Marco Stroppa, Stefano Gervasoni and Luis Naón. 
During the last years he had commissions by Ensemble Intercontemporain, Ars Musica Festival, Teatro Colón Argentina (CETC), French State, Teatro Argentino de La Plata, Trio KDM, Radio France, GRM, Ensemble LeBalcon, Ciclo de Conciertos Teatro San Martin, etc.

He specialize in instrumental and electronic music. Some of the main features of his work are the instrumental and electronic spatialisation, the electronic and instrumental music, the use of noise giving noise an intrinsic value, the treatment of sound as a plastic material, the mix and use of ordinary objects alongside with traditional instruments for creating an abstract and contextless sound world or the use of visual images to structure his sonic ideas. In most part of his work there are almost no either signs or reference points tending to build columns in time, the bridges of memory are destroyed.

He received commissions by Ars Musica Festival, Ensemble InterContemporain, French State, Teatro Colón de Buenos Aires, SACEM-Ensemble Multilaterale, Rte Lyric Fm (Limerick, Ireland), Trio KDM, Teatro Argentino de La Plata (Argentina), Ensemble Squillante, Teatro San Martín (Argentina),  Radio France, GRM (Groupe de Recherche Musicales), Casa de Velazquez and so on working with conductors like Guillaume Bourgogne, Zsolt Nagy, Frank Ollu, Rut Schreiner, Tetsuji Honna, Mariano Moruja, Maxime Pascale, Jordi Frances and with ensembles and musicians such as Ensemble Cairn,  Ensemble InterContemporain, Le Balcon, L'instant donné, Quatuor Danel, Irvine Arditti, Nicolas Crosse, Trio KDM, Tropi Ensemble, Camerata Aberta, Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra, Vortex, Reinhold Frederich-Robyn Julkowsky, Squillante, Orchestre de Lauréats du conservatoire de Paris, , Sonido Extremo, Kenichi Nakagawa, Orchestre du Conservatoire de Paris, Multilaterale, McGill Contemporary Music Ensemble, etc.

His opera La Libertad Total based on a novel by Pablo Katchadjian was premiered on october 2014 opening the Buenos Aires Contemporary Music Festival with stage setting by Mariano Tenconi Blanco.
During the year 2016-2017 he was composer in residence at Académie de France à Madrid, Casa de Velazquez.

He won some international and national prizes, among others:

-Ibermusicas International Composition Prize 2015 (Organization of Ibero-American States)
-National Composition Competition Juan Carlos Paz 2014 (National Arts Fund, Argentina)
-Gisela Timmerman Composition prize 2014 (Mozarteum of Argentina)
-International Composition Prize Pablo Sorozabal 2013
-Ensemble Intercontemporain/IRCAM Tremplin Prize 2010
-Unesco International Rostrum for Composers 2010 (Arquetipo selected one of the best 3 pieces of 2010) 
-French Academy of Fine Arts, Roux et Tronchets Foundation Prize 2009 
-Third Prize Toru Takemitsu Composition Award 2009
-Prix Ars Electronica 2009 (Linz), Honorary Mention por Physiological Mechanics Fantasy
-Board of directors prize , Juan Carlos Paz 2009 (National Arts Fund, Argentina)
-First prize National Composition Competition Juan Carlos Paz 2008 (National Arts Fund, Argentina)
-First Prize National Composition Competition Juan Carlos Paz 2007 (National Arts Fund, Argentina) 
-First Prize International Composition Prize Joan Guinjoan 2006 (Barcelona)
-First Prize International Composition Competition Diffusion 2006 for Electroacoustic Music, CCMCM (Centre for Computational Musicology and Computer Music, Ireland )
-Third Prize International Competition ICC-PIANO 2006 (Japan)
-First Prize National Composition Competition Juan Carlos Paz 2005 (National Arts Fund, Argentina) 
-First Prize International Composition Prize Joan Guinjoan 2004 (Barcelona)
-Scholarship of the Nadia et Lili Boulanger International Fondation, 1st qualified (Paris)
-Scholarships of Meyer and Tarrazi Fondations 2003-2007, France

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