Sergio Lanza

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Sergio Lanza graduate in Experimental Composition at the State Conservatory of Milan with G. Manzoni and had fundamental contacts with Brian Ferneyhough and Gerard Grisey. He has also graduated in Philosophy at the State University of Milan where became active member of the "Permanent Seminar of Music Philosophy"  founded by Giovanni Piana. 

Active composer since 1984, his music has been performed in several important contemporary music institutions in Milano, Roma, Venezia, Torino, Brescia, Perugia, Cagliari, etc., broadcasted by RAI (National Italian Radio-Television) and recorded on CDs. Abroad he has been guest of several Festivals, in  Amsterdam, Darmstadt, Mexico City, Barcelona, Nagasaki, Ciudad Real, Brussel, Athens.

His musical works feature Orchestral pieces (among which Riflesso dall'interno, for sax and string orchestra, premiered in Spain in 2014 and III Ricerca di mutamento, recorded in Milan in 2012); several chamber pieces (from 2 to 8 performers); a chamber opera for voice, instruments and tape “...imagine vocis...” (with dancers); solo pieces (for piano, cello, clarinet, guitar), acousmatic and mixed (electronic/acoustic) pieces. 

Among the interpreters of his music we find Roberto Fabbriciani, Annamaria Morini, Enzo Porta, Georg Mönch, Anton Martynov, Takao Hyakutome, Guido Boselli, Francesco Dillon, Michiko Hirayama, Mary Lindsay, Kumi Ucimoto, Franco Venturini, Sixto Herrero, Maurizio Benomar, Emilio Pomarico.

Some of his theoretical essays based on a phenomenological approach to music and often concerning trans-arts relations and music analysis, have been published in specialist journals such as “de Musica”, “Actes du Séminaire Esthétique et Cognition”, Université de Paris-1 Sorbonne/CNRS, “Russian Journal of Academic Studies”, “Materiali di Estetica”, "Spectrum".

At present he teachs Composition and Analysis at the State Conservatory “A. Vivaldi” of Alessandria and has been teaching abroad in France and Spain.

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Pierrot Ensemble (fl, cl, vln, vlc, piano)

"...sul divenire" for flute, clarinet (also Bass Cl.), violin, cello, piano (2018)
"...sul divenire" for flute, clarinet (also Bass Cl.), violin, cello, piano (2018)