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7. Streichquartett

Für das TonArt String Quartet

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Estimated Duration
6 - 10min

ISMN : 979-0-2325-7424-0

Notes on this piece

All 4x4 strings are specially and differently tuned. With a few exceptions, the score only notates open strings and harmonics. In principle, the harmonics obey a single row of natural notes beginning with the 65th „ partial ”, in this case actually corresponding to the low C string of the cello.

The movements:

1. ca. 1 minute a free prelude, beginning violently, in an overall diminuendo, then steadily transitioning into a world of harmonics.

2. flageolet-hoquetus: whispering world, rhythmically very free, also longer caesuras, without accents: a calm surface.

3. fuzzy clusters from the highest harmonics down to the lowest C-string of the cello.

4. wild rhythmic short accents.

5. gentle long chord.

6. fiddle dance. Strings initially one after the other, but soon "interrupting" each other. Dynamically very flexible, like a conversation between different characters.

7. creaking surface with bow overpressure.

8. microcluster melody.

9. not a sad chorale, coming out of nowhere. Delicate beginning, but already pronounced rhythmically. Internal accelerandi falling slower again.

10. bizarre pulse world. Pulse tempo varies freely from instrument to instrument, even considerably and surprisingly. "Falling away" instruments in the run. Free rhythmic patterns, free internal accents.

11. fuga semi-infinitesimale, take a lot of time. Gradually more notes, then gradually omit initial notes. Shape note durations freely, 16th notes to half notes, also caesuras. Think melodically, start with longer fermatas, go forwards and backwards, always new attempts. Non-open strings for the first time: look for pure intervals without beating: sixth, natural seventh etc.

12. cadenza: first lively bells, becoming molto calmo, sempre rubato (distort lengths, play with the timbres between sul tasto - normale - sul ponticello)

13. end: creaky, short overpressure scene at the very end. Mood: playfulness.

Violin (2)
TonArt String Quartett 2022 Hamburg
Score Details
Format - A4 / US Letter
Pages - 16

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