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Semantic corruptions

For flute - clarinet - violin - viola - violoncello

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Estimated Duration
6 - 10min

ISMN : 979-0-2325-4738-1

Notes on this piece

"Semantic corruptions" obtained the second prize of the international contest launched in Italy by “G.E.R.M.I. (“Gruppo Europeo Ricerca Musicale Independiente”) in 2011.

Program notes.
Doing a simple musical gesture isn’t necessary as one musical seed. Actually, the aim is an unexpected developing of a three musical groups of notes. So, it’s trying to research these tones as their unchangeable nature, going further through timbrical cohesion. Every moment could be considered as a whole resulting of different combinations of each single event with the others in a sonic‐transformation way. At the beginning of the composition, the musical frame runs “simple to complex”, a heterogeneous–coherency as Philippe Hurel proposes, or, in a philosophic perspective, a musical realization of the Morin’s complex nonlinear thinking theory.

Nevertheless, along the piece, the forces tend to change their disposition. The last structure is a “classical‐vanguard” permutation, and “complex to simple” resolution. In certain way, diversity is banned by a mainstream‐ruler.

Bernard Cassen has claimed about the necessary struggle of our society in order to rescue a real meaning of words: liberty, democracy, etc; many of them corrupted by dark purposes groups. Perhaps, this is the aesthetic-esthetic background: a musical voyage from the unique diversity to a varied unit.


Flute|Clarinet|Violin|Viola |Cello
Grupo instrumental "Siglo XX" conducted by Florian Vlashi.
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Pages - 14

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