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Estimated Duration
16 - 20min

ISMN : 979-0-2325-0865-8

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Notes on this piece
for saxophones quartet and orchestra. Commissioned by Rikskonserter for Stockholm Saxophone Quartet The title is an abbreviation of four words in Chinese and one in French: 1)wu, 2)wù, 3) wù, 4)wu and 5) Moi. 1) wu means demon or devil. 2) wù means error, default 3) wù also means comprehension or revelation 4) wu means nothing, non-existence 5) Moi means Me. This five words summary a personal journey of seeking for God within. wwww-M is also a code for different dimensions of realities. wwww are 3 visible material dimensions plus time. M then represents the invisible world which is called in the newest scientific word: the 5em dimension. In this very piece, I want to share a part of my life experience that focus on Self (or soul)-searching. I try to express it and communicate with my listener by musical language in a dramatic but abstract way. Everybody has a “devil” in his/her heart, which is “myself”, or ego. It lives deep inside ourselves where the “God”, which is Love, should live instead. When the “devil” pushes the “God” away, we ourselves become the devils. We therefore do wrongly and we are lost in the flow of life by ignorance and pride. We look at the external world and think that is the only reality and that is all we have to fight for. But one day we wake up from the deep sleep and realize there is another reality that is inside us and far beyond any border. Experiencing the internal struggles and profound suffering, we understand the true meaning of life. We get to know ourselves and by that means we come to a better understanding of the others. To get the true “Me”, we have to be conscious about the fake one, the ego who separates us from the true freedom of the heart. By doing errors, we know suffering. By suffering we learn to correct the errors and so we get consciousness. The truth is that life is about Love. Without love we are nothing but only a living dead, we become so empty that we lose the meaning of existence. But only by sacrificing “ego” and give the selfishness entirely away, thereby becoming nothing, we win everything. Peace and Joy fill in. We get only by losing. Then we find the true “Me”, the purpose of “God”- Love Himself. And Love is giving…
Soprano Saxophone|Alto Saxophone|Tenor Saxophone|Baritone Saxophone|Symphonic orchestra|
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Format - A3 / Tabloid
Pages - 32

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