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For amplified Double-Bass, on-stage resonant Double-Bass with transducers and electronics

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Estimated Duration
16 - 20min

ISMN : 979-0-2325-3426-8

Notes on this piece

« Mutante/Amniótica » (2018) 

Amplified Double bass, Staged Double bass with transducers, Controlled feed-back system, electronics, lights



 This work is an staged-device

A sound study on the passage from outside to inside

An amniotic meadow

A mutant prosthesis 

A grid of silences



« What is called music is a device;

 1-that invest libido mainly in the sound region: a commutator of libidinal energy into audible energy and vice versa; which implies to start with that quantities of energy are constantly used to circumscribe this region, on the body particularly…

 2-that in classical and baroque period in the West , has appended musical prostheses, instruments, to this partial body: an adjunction which required new investments onto certain parts of the body : the hands, the fingers of the pianist or the flutist, but also the arm-shoulder-chin complex of the violinist, the torso of the percussionist, the knees of the cellist and harpist; ….

…The purpose of this list is to show  what a device is, i.e. a superimposition of grids that filters flows of energy, in this case, sound. These grids are not things (there are no things): they are libidinal investments that block the entrance and exit of certain sound-noises, and that maintain and transmit themselves. »


Jean-François Lyotard, Several Silences





Fernando Garnero (1976)

Double bass
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Format - A4 / US Letter
Pages - 40

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