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Tones, Noises, Melodies and Rhythms

for a group of people
(at least four performers)

Estimated Duration
6 - 10min

ISMN : 979-0-2325-4818-0

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Tones, Noises, Melodies and Rhythms (2015/16) is a verbal score for at least four performers, which consists of 140 parts. Each part consists of four elements.[1]

Players are invited to choose collectively which parts they are going to perform. The order of the chosen parts should be decided collectively prior to the performance. All decisions about how to structure and perform the piece should be made collectively (not by one individual), through a process of conversation and rehearsal.

Each performer plays only one of the four elements of each section. If there are more than four performers, the group as a whole decides which elements will be duplicated and by whom. The duration of each part may range between 30 seconds and three minutes. Every performed version of the piece should present at least three of the parts.

‘Rhythms’ are to be played on percussion instruments, objects or melodic instruments but with no clear pitch produced. ‘Melodies’ can be sung, performed on an instrument or just played back using audio equipment.

[1] For example, the part Tones 1 consists by the following 4 elements:

- A steady very quiet tone, during the whole part, without any pauses, very high register.- Short quiet tones, irregular appearances, middle register.
- A very short quiet tone, repeated in equal distances during the whole part, low register.
- A short and loud tone aggregation, performed only once during the part, low register.
Unspecified musician
Score Details
Format - A4 / US Letter
Pages - 42

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