Flute January 2023 selection

Flute January 2023 selection Featured


January 2023 flute pieces selection. 

You may click on each piece title to listen recording and read score.


Uroboros for two flutes by Doina Rotaru

– the snake trying to bite its own tail – is an archaic symbol of a cycle with a close evolution. It is like  a continual movement, an eternal return, a circle from which one cannot escape.


Eventail for bass flute by Paul Méfano


Calcifer for flute and electronics by Pedro Garcia-Velasquez
"Like a forgotten rite". This piece inspired by Amerindian sonorities presents by electronics a magnified et dual flute with oneiric sonorities.

Feuille volante for solo flute by Paul Clift
A meditation on the thickness of a note. Dedicated to Tristan Murail.

Libro d'inverno for solo flute by Giovanni Bertelli
A fixed note, as if the time was frozen, is awakened by agile ornaments.

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