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Martin Loridan is a French composer. He graduated from the Paris Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique (CNSM) and currently pursues a PhD in composition at the University of Leeds (UK).

His work has been performed internationally at venues and festivals such as the Barbican center (London), BKA Unerhörte Musik (Berlin), Gasteig Philharmonie (Munich), Estovest Festival (Turin), Mise-En Festival (New York), Kalv Festival (Gothenburg), International Forum of New Music Manuel Enriquez (Mexico City). He has collaborated with ensembles and orchestras such as the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, the Arditti Quartet, ensemble Mise-en, Soundinitiative, Klangforum Wien, Ensemble Xenia, ensemble Accroche Note, Quatuor Tana, Norrbotten NEO, Cepromusic, and international soloists such as Claude Delangle and Claudio Pasceri.

He has been awarded prizes in several composition competitions, such as the Reinl-Foundation Composition Prize, the André Jolivet Composition Prize, Vareler Composition Prize. He is also the recipient of academic grants and awards such as the Stanley Burton research Scholarship, and was recently awarded the prestigious Villa Salammbô residence by the Institut Français.

His work explores the role of souffle (air, breath, and movement). His PhD research (air and breath as a composition material) aims to create new hybrid forms of souffle by working on vibration, space, and resonance. His research is funded by the Leeds Doctoral Scholarship.


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